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Getting Started with SharePointOnline (SPO)

posted Aug 31, 2015, 2:56 AM by Benny Skogberg
SharePoint Admin Center
The intention of this site is to explore the possibilities with Sharepoint Online. So far I'm trying different DNS editing where the CNAME didn't work as expected. Instead I had to use A and point directly to the IP-address.

Probably this is a feature of my DNS-provider rather than a bug in SharePoint Online. To enable CNAME on my DNS-provider, I need to use a subdomain, which isn't of my interest.

The process begins with a MX-pointer from the DNS-provider making sure my domain is owned by me. When confirmed in SharePoint Online, you add a A-pointer from the DNS-provider to my SharePoint Online IP-address, which on default doesn't answer on PING. But you get the IP-address anyway using PING from your Command Prompt. The picture shows part of the SharePoint Admin Center, which is included in your SharePoint Online account.